27 Days: A Time Travelling Romance

27 Days once again explores the imponderables of time travel. The heroine finds her life turned upside down when she shifts 8 years into the future. No longer recognised as the respected doctor she was, she has to start life again without any qualifications and with no one except her twin sister recognising her for who she is. At the point of a total breakdown, she encounters the myths and legends of West Coast Natives, and during a trip to the remote and mysterious islands of Haida Gwaii, is offered insights into Haida culture which sets her on the road to healing. Set on the wild West Coast of British Columbia and on Haida Gwaii, Amanda’s book delves into the relationship between modern society and the ancient cultures of the original inhabitants of British Columbia. This is the second book of
Trilogy of Time Travelling romances.

Available in Paperback and Kindle editions.
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8354404599

The Blue Plastic Shoes

The Blue Plastic Shoes is set in the parallel universes of 1905 and 2016 and tells the story of a modern and educated woman who, while on a sailing holiday, gets hurled back in time to 1905. The heroine is a highly educated woman, who has to adapt to living in a society where women were mostly restricted to the home, although part of the book is set at a period in history when women were beginning to challenge that assumption. Despite a period of intense desperation at her predicament, the heroine finally accepts what she cannot change and comes to love her life in the ‘past’, despite her new husband’s dark secret.

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Amanda’s children’s books are published by Heritage House Publishing Co. Ltd. in Victoria, BC.

Brother XII’s Treasure

brother-XIIs-treasure-bookcover-smallThe year is 1936, and seven children (aged eight to sixteen) are sprung from their respective boarding schools in England to the coast of British Columbia to embark on a summer sailing adventure like no other. On the way, they discover the true story of Brother XII, a shadowy figure recently disappeared from his island compound, who is rumoured to have buried treasure on one of the coastal islands the children will be passing through. As their vacation quickly turns into a treasure hunt, the kids encounter a crazy cast of west coast characters, until a cataclysmic event brings their search to an end. This is a fun, fast-paced coastal adventure for middle readers. Shortlisted for the 2017 Chocolate Lily Award. Illustrated by Molly March.

ISBN 978-1-7720-3071-6

The Silver Lining

The year is 1938– two years since Sophie, Molly, Mark, Harriet, Leticia, and Posy made international headlines when they uncovered the buried treasure of the notorious Brother XII. Since then, life has been decidedly un-exciting for the adventure-loving crew, who feel more at home on the rolling deck of a sailboat than in their stuffy boarding school. But once again, Uncle Bert (a.k.a. Captain Gunn) comes to the rescue when he invites the whole gang on another holiday abroad.

The kids trade in their pirate caps for cowboy hats and head off on a cattle drive in Interior BC. But when they run into a familiar villain, the trip takes an ominous turn culminating in a dangerous mission to an old mine. Will their adventurous ways get the better of the kids this time, or will fortune smile upon them yet again? Illustrated by Molly March.

ISBN 978-1-7720-3132-4

Up In Arms

A lot has changed in the world since Sophie, Molly, Mark, Harriet, Leticia and Posy’s last adventure in The Silver Lining. Now it’s 1940, and the Second World War is making life back home in the United Kingdom very dangerous indeed. Although our intrepid crew has seen their fair share of precarious situations, from being chased by pirates to making harrowing rescues in abandoned mine shafts, their parents decide to once again send them across the ocean and into the care of the eccentric Captain Gunn. Instead of sitting out the war in a safe, quiet place, captain and crew embark on their biggest adventure yet! Illustrated by Molly March.

ISBN 978-1772032024

South Islander – Memoirs of a Cruising Dog

front-cover-medium-askew-400x400This is a cruising guide with a difference. For those who cruise with dogs aboard, and for those who like to venture ashore to stretch their legs, the book is illustrated with charming maps describing walks up and down the coast. Framed by the author’s many years of cruising on a beautiful wooden sailboat along with her husband and two dogs, it tells tales of mishaps, adventures, explorations and glorious days on the water. The book is set against the stunning backdrop of the waters, mountains and islands between the B.C. mainland and Vancouver Island.  Illustrated by Molly March. Published by FriesenPress.

ISBN 978-1-4602-0142-8

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